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Visage Ease ProTM

Simple, interpretation, on the go. Visage Ease Pro is an FDA 510(k) cleared, native iOS mobile application that provides users the ability to interpret all diagnostic imaging studies (other than mammography) that are stored on a Visage 7 server.  Consistent with general FDA principles for mobile apps, mobile devices should only be used for diagnosis in situations where no full diagnostic workstation is available (and not for mammography).  Diagnostic interpretation using Visage Ease Pro should also only be performed on iPads due to the available screen real estate, with a user alert displayed when Visage Ease Pro is used on the iPhone.  Because it’s powered by ultrafast server-side processing, Visage Ease Pro provides secure, fast access to even the largest multi-gigabyte sized studies via the convenience of your mobile device.

[Note: Visage Ease Pro requires access to a Visage 7 server running 7.1.6 or later. Without access to a Visage 7 server, image access is not possible.]





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