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Visage 7 shatters all pre-conceived notions as to what’s possible in a single, enterprise viewer.  Visage 7 delivers user-customizable, multi-display, multi-dimensional, protocol-driven interpretation and referring physician access to all diagnostic imaging modalities, and non-DICOM too. Visage 7 allows radiologists and referring physicians to do more, enabling interpretation of multi-modality breast imaging studies and PET/CT lesion tracking, as well as native advanced visualization modules for neurology (brain perfusion), oncology, cardiology (cardiac CTA) and vessel analysis.

Visage 7 provides a more natural radiologist reading workflow, delivering protocol-driven, server-side rendered 2D views, as well as MIP/MPR/Volume Rendering and advanced visualization, on a single desktop, including on-the-fly reconstructions of coronal and sagittal views from the original axial slices.  And because Visage 7 offers a powerful viewer for all users, referring physicians benefit from a customized experience that is matched to their level of sophistication.

functionality2Visage 7 Functionality Differentiation:

ico One ultrafast, multi-dimensional viewer, for all diagnostic modalities (CR/DR, US, AWBUS, NM, CT, MR, PET/CT, PET/MR, FFDM, DBT, Dexa, XA, Cardiac Echo, Cardiac Cath). Non-DICOM images are also supported, including the following file types: *.bmp, *.jpg, *.tiff, *.pdf, and MPEG 4 HD videos.

ico Visage 7 offers the following native functionality for advanced visualization:  core multi-planar reconstruction, volume rendering, on-the-fly; core multi-modality display (i.e. multi-modality breast imaging MG, DBT, AWBUS, Breast US, Breast MR); PET/CT Lesion Tracking; Cardiac CTA – Calcium Scoring, Functional Analysis, Coronary Artery Analysis; CTA/MRA Vessel Analysis; TAVR workflow; Brain Perfusion; dual echo, simultaneous display of EKG (stress/rest); automatic multi-modality registration; diffusion curves for breast and prostate imaging.

ico Server-side pre-processing of multi-slice studies delivers incredible speed and on-the-fly reconstruction from axial images, all at the fingertips of the reading radiologist and authorized referring physician.

ico Because reconstructions are delivered on-the-fly, this eliminates the delay of waiting for technologists to perform secondary captures at the operator console.

ico Visage 7 supports a practically unlimited number of user levels to offer customized, sophisticated access for advanced referring physicians (e.g, orthopedic surgeons, oncologists, cardiologists), as well as simple, intuitive access for general practitioners.

ico Visage 7 offers Save Sessions to share and collaborate studies at the exact desired study presentation state, with radiologists and referring physicians.

ico Auto-prior rules are easily configured using Boolean logic, GUI-driven tools.  And even if a prior is not displayed automatically, there is no time penalty to display an additional prior.

ico Visage 7 supports the attachment and display of non-DICOM images and voice memos as additional series to existing Visage 7 studies.

ico Visage 7 is a single code base, and does not use external or third party code for advanced capabilities.


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