OEM Solutions

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As an original equipment manufacturer, system designer, or systems integrator in medical imaging or life sciences, you are faced with massive, data intensive imaging challenges.  Multi-slice CT, modality fusion, optical and electron microscopy, pharmaceutical databases, and molecular simulation are creating an explosion of images and related data to be processed and managed through the complete end user workflow.

Visage Imaging can help to optimize and enhance your solutions by delivering easily integrated components for medical imaging, microscopy, biotechnology, and life sciences.  As our OEM customer, you can benefit from our rich portfolio of leading edge technologies and applications, and rely on our professional services team to quickly create a customized and cost efficient solution that explicitly matches your needs.

Imaging Informatics

Boost your multi-dimensional imaging workflow by integrating thin-client technology and applications into your imaging informatics portfolio; or use our platforms and embedded libraries to create your own visualization and image management solution.

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Modalities

From acquisition to archiving and distribution, Visage Imaging offers embedded solutions that fit seamlessly into your imaging process and allow you to accelerate your workflow.  Visage Imaging can help you accelerate image reconstruction through integration of the latest GPU technology, or help you build you own custom modality or multi-modality workstation product line.


Based on our clinical applications and embedded imaging products, you can build better and faster 3D reconstruction engines, customized treatment planning systems, and image distribution and advanced applications for angiography and surgery.