Dr. Sam Hupert, Chief Executive Officer

A co-founder of Pro Medicus Limited in 1983, Dr. Sam Hupert is a Monash University Medical School graduate who commenced Medical Practice in 1980.  Realizing the significant potential for computers in medicine he left general practice in late 1984 to devote himself full time to managing the Company.  He oversaw a strong period of growth in the company’s earnings from the listing on the ASX in 2000 until October 2007 when he retired as Managing Director and Chief Executive, to become Deputy Chairman and an Executive Director, maintaining an active role in the company.  In October 2010, Dr. Hupert resumed his role as CEO, a position he previously held for 25 years.

Dr. Malte Westerhoff, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Westerhoff is the General Manager for Visage Imaging GmbH, VP and CTO, and Global Head of Technology.  In this capacity he is also responsible for Visage’s Product Strategy as well as Research & Development. He has more than ten years of experience in medical imaging and software development, holding positions in research and industry.

Dr. Westerhoff has a master’s degree in physics from Technical University, Berlin, and a PhD in computer science and mathematics from Free University, Berlin.  Dr. Westerhoff is one of the founders of Indeed – Visual Concepts GmbH and author and co-author of many scientific papers in scientific visualization and high-performance computing, as well as a number of patents.

Brad Levin, General Manager, North America and Global Head of Marketing

Brad Levin is the General Manager, North America for Visage Imaging, as well as Global Head of Marketing.  Mr. Levin’s broad experience has spanned a variety of leadership roles, including government, consulting, and marketing.  While in government consulting, Brad worked as a PACS subject matter expert for the renowned US Department of Defense’s Digital Imaging Network–Picture Archiving and Communications System (DIN-PACS) initiative, as well as consulting for top healthcare institutions across the US.  After leaving his consulting role, Brad went on to lead marketing for two web-based PACS start-ups, first AMICAS, and then Dynamic Imaging. Both firms experienced rapid commercial growth leading to acquisition, by Vitalworks and GE Healthcare, respectively. Given his lengthy career in imaging, Brad is a respected author and speaker focused on contemporary topics transforming imaging informatics.

Brad holds a bachelor of science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, and an MBA in Health and Medical Services Administration from Widener University.

Sean Lambright, Global Head of Sales

Sean Lambright is the Global Head of Sales for Visage Imaging, serving as both the VP Sales, North America, as well as globally.  Sean also leads the company’s global expansion strategy, including all third-party and channel relationships.  In 2010, he joined Visage as the company transitioned into new markets, heading business development and negotiation activities for its largest commercial transactions.  Prior to Visage, his career in imaging IT has spanned the past 15 years, having served in leadership roles with AGFA Healthcare, AMICAS and Emageon.

Sean holds a bachelor of science degree from Arizona State University.

Teresa Gschwind, Global Head of Customer Service

Teresa Gschwind is the Global Head of Customer Service for Visage Imaging, where she is responsible for all pre- and post-sales customer service activities worldwide.  Prior to this role, Teresa managed the Company’s US Customer Service team based in MA, and then the European Customer Service team based in Berlin, Germany.  Teresa has extensive experience working with Visage’s global customer base, having joined the Company in 2002 when Visage was part of Mercury Computer Systems.  Prior to Visage, Teresa held numerous management positions at Datacube, Inc, where she specialized in image processing.

Teresa holds a bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.